7380 County Road 43

P.O. Box 53

Glen Haven, CO 80532                           

(970) 586-5406

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Glen Haven Community

The Glen Haven Community consists of approximately 600 parcels of land owned primarily by approximately 500 private owners.  There are a few parcels owned by Larimer County, CO and the U.S. Forest Service.  The GHAVFD serves the entire 36 square mile area.  The community is divided into three separate geographic areas as defined below:

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(scroll down page for street view before Sept 2013 flood)

Approximately 200 Glen Haven residents use Nextdoor has their private social networking service.  Nextdoor allows users to connect with people who live in their own or nearby neighborhoods.

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Glen Haven Association
(includes 40% of the parcels)

(No website available.)
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CR 43
(includes 15% of the parcels)

(Not an association - no website)
These parcels are primarily along County Road 43, including various properties along side roads such as West Creek, Streamside Drive and Old Bridge Road.

Emergency Vehicle Accessibility

The following are needed for the GHAVFD to gain access to your property in case of an emergency.

  1. The width of your driveway should be a minimum of 9 feet, with 10 feet recommended.

  2. Turning radius should be greater than 16 feet.

  3. Culverts and bridges must be capable of holding 20 tons (for fire truck loaded with water).

  4. A sign with the property address should be at the driveway entrance and should be visible at night or day.  Names are not sufficient.

  5. Locked gates or chains will delay access.

  6. There should be 14 feet overhead clearance.